Letter 5 to my ex

I remember those days when I would tell you I was terrified of losing you, of you leaving me. You would sometimes laugh at me, and think me silly and say, “that’s never gonna happen” or “I’m never going to leave you.” I remember I felt so safe and reassured hearing those words from you.… Continue reading Letter 5 to my ex

Letter 2 to my ex

When we started dating, it was great! Amazing! I was head-over-heels. I couldn’t get enough of you. You felt the same way. I was happy. We were happy. Honestly, I never expected anything from you. I didn’t expect you to do boyfriend things especially since you said you weren’t the sweet/romantic type. I actually thought you were… Continue reading Letter 2 to my ex

The first open letter to my ex.

Dear J, I remember how every time you saw me, you would compliment me and I would feel so beautiful and liked by you. I love how every time we went out on a date, you would immediately grab my hand upon seeing me. I loved it each time you held me when we watched… Continue reading The first open letter to my ex.