Letter 2 to my ex

When we started dating, it was great! Amazing! I was head-over-heels. I couldn’t get enough of you. You felt the same way. I was happy. We were happy. Honestly, I never expected anything from you. I didn’t expect you to do boyfriend things especially since you said you weren’t the sweet/romantic type. I actually thought you were… Continue reading Letter 2 to my ex

The first open letter to my ex.

Dear J, I remember how every time you saw me, you would compliment me and I would feel so beautiful and liked by you. I love how every time we went out on a date, you would immediately grab my hand upon seeing me. I loved it each time you held me when we watched… Continue reading The first open letter to my ex.

I’m going to see my ex tomorrow.

I was looking at some old photos in my flash drive — I know, bad idea! — and obviously saw old photos of us. I decided to be a masochist and went through them one by one. There were photos from that time we went on a date to see a Christmas lights display by the lake.… Continue reading I’m going to see my ex tomorrow.